The upper stream of the river Kupa is one of the best fly fishing destinations in Croatia. Grayling. Trouts and hunchen are dominant salmonid species in the Kupa valley.

The Kupa river rises from the spring from the rocky ground in National park Risnjak, in the heart of Gorski Kotar. The river Kupa from its waterspring to the mouth of river Čabranke in the village Hrvatsko, is placed in the National park Risnjak, and then becomes the border river between the two republics – Croatia and Slovenia, and is managed, conducted by the fishing company ŠRUG Goran from Brod na Kupi.

Fly-fishing watters:

Water spring part of the river Kupa
From the place Kupari to the mouth of the river Čabranka into the Kupa river, approximately 4 km,  the fish you find here is grayling and trout – managed by NP Risnjak

The river Kupa
From village Hrvatsko till the village Kavrani, about 30 km, the fish is grayling, hucho hucho and trout – managed by ŠRUG Goran

The rivulet Kupica
It pours into the river Kupa near the place Brod na Kupi. The fishing is permitted only by dry small fly. You can catch graylings and trouts – managed by ŠRUG Goran

The rivulet Curak
It pours into Kupica, the beat (alla) is upstream from the mouth of the rivulet till Zeleni Vir under the place named Skadra, about 5 km. You can catch graylings and trouts – it's managed by ŠRUG Goran

The river Čabranka
From the place Čabar till the mouth into the river Kupa at the village Hrvatsko, about 13 km. You can catch trouts – it's managed by ŠRU Čabranka

The Lokve lake and the lake Mrzla Vodica
The waters are managed by ŠRU Lokvarka. Daily ticket is 80 kuna, and it is possible to find big examples of rainbow and brown trouts. In the lake of Lokve in 1973 there was caught officially the biggest rainbow trout in the world of 25,4 kg weight and 138 cm long, and from 2013 the lake Mrzla Vodica became by its lenght Catch&Release water.

Gacka river
Our best known fly-fishing water. It is 150 km far and is abundant in large examples of brown and rainbow trouts. It is possible to organize going away on daily basis on fly-fishing – all managed by a firm "Gacka" d.o.o. From Otočac

River Vitunjčica
Vitunjčicais a river about 5 km stream, it is situated by the town Ogulin, far about 50 km. You can catch brown and rainbow trouts – managed by ŠRD Ogulin

River Kamačnik
Kamačnik is a rivulet about 4 km long, pouring into the Dobra river at plave Vrbovsko and its well and canyon are protected park of nature. You can catch brown trouts, and the area is managed by ŠRD Kamačnik

Bosnia and Herzegovina
We can also organize fly-fishing tours on the rivers Ribnik, Pliva and Unac.

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